Friday, April 15, 2011

Whedonistas vs. The New York Times

It’s been exactly a month since the official launch of Whedonistas and nearly two months since it’s unofficial launch at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles.  Since the calendar and, shockingly, the weather is crying out for a bit of spring cleaning, I can’t move forward in this space without taking a moment to reflect on both of these amazing events.
Whedonistas Signing at Gallifrey One Convention
Bottom, from left: Jane Espenson, Lynne M. Thomas, Me, Teresa Jusino. Top, from left: Nancy Holder, Jenn Reese, Kay Shuttleworth, Kelly Hale, Racheline Maltese

First, a huge, huge, thank you to all of the amazing women who were able to panel and signing in Los Angeles.  The panel was well attended, well received and just plain fun.  But how could it be anything else with this line-up?  The only thing that would have made it better was having ALL of our awesome contributors in attendance.

Second, thank you to Shaun Lyon and his fabulous staff of volunteers.  Not only for giving us the forum to launch Whedonistas, but for creating a truly memorable convention.  I can’t honestly recall when I’ve had more fun, laughed so hard and met more people who would quickly become friends.  

There's so much I could say about the process of this book, of how the lessons I learned from editing and what a valuable experience it was to work with my co-editor Lynne Thomas.  Instead I want to talk about what an honor it was to work with this group of fierce, talented women who not only unabashedly shared their love for these creations, but declared them to be important in so many ways.

This message can't be repeated enough considering we still live in day and age when a reviewer from the New York Times classifies the wildly popular fantasy series The Game of Thrones (adapted for HBO and premiering this Sunday) as "boyfiction" with a bit of titillation thrown in to interest the ladies who couldn't possibly be bothered otherwise.

I know a bunch of women who would beg to differ.

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