Wednesday, January 2, 2013


While there are tons of things I still want to say about Chicks Unravel Time I have to break the holiday-induced blog silence by introducing a brand new project:  Verity!  A Doctor Who Podcast where a rotating cast of six women, from across the globe, talk all things Doctor Who.

Anyone who has met me has heard me discuss (okay, RANT) about the lack of women in the Doctor Who podcast world. Not that they are completely absent, but they are definitely scattered thin on the ground and their numbers are definitely not representative of fandom as a whole. Thanks to a little twitter-instigating by Michael D. Thomas back in October, I took the plunge and got the band together:

Erika Ensign - All-around geek girl who is a favorite guest of many podcasts. She is also our technical guru who handles all the fiddly bits that make the rest of us cringe.
Katrina Griffiths - She of the late, lamented "Bridging the Rift" podcast and current co-host of the "Across the Planet" podcast.
L.M. Myles - My darling Chicks Unravel Time co-editor and contributor to the Big Finish Doctor Who anthologies.
Lynne M. Thomas - multi-Hugo award winner, co-editor of Chicks Dig Time Lords, Whedonistas and Chicks Dig Comics as well as moderator of the SF Squeecast, editor of Apex Magazine and Super Librarian during the day.
Tansy Raynor Roberts - co-host of the Hugo nominated Galactic Suburbia, author of the Creature Court Fantasy trilogy and Love and Romanpunk. She is also a contributor to the Doctor Her blog.

These are all very cool women who I not only respect for their intelligence, wit and accomplishments, but women that I genuinely like and would gladly miss any panel or guest at a con in order to hang out and share drinks and laughter. In fact, this is the vibe we are going for - that smart conversation about something you love that you wish could go on forever.

Not that this will be a podcast filled entirely with love and puppies. We have OPINIONS and very often they are at odds with each other. But don't you think that's more interesting?  I know I do.

We've put a lot of time and thought into the podcast, from our name - inspired by the fabulous Verity Lambert, founding producer of Doctor Who; to our logo - created by Canadian high school student Eleanor Davitt; to our website - while still a work in progress, will feature all sorts of interesting supplemental materials; to, finally, our format.  We are counting down to the 50th anniversary with a retrospective of every Doctor's era, featuring an episode that we feel is representative of that particular Doctor's run. This will certainly be the source of much debate and I can't wait.  We will also be discussing new eps as they air as well as touching on elements of Doctor Who that don't often see the spotlight - from fabulous women in Doctor Who and redeeming ill-used companions to discussing costuming, Doctor Who tat and Big Finish.  All with a feminist eye.

You can download our teaser ep which introduces Verity! or our "weekend waffle" (Episode 0) in which we discuss our introduction to Doctor Who and our goals for the podcast at iTunes or from our website.  There is also a fun Verity! interview with Erika, Liz, Lynne and myself on Episode 342 of Radio Free Skaro. Our first official episode, in which we discuss the Christmas episode drops today, January 2. 

I am so excited about this project.  We love podcasts and we particularly love Doctor Who podcasts.  Verity! will add another, long overdue, voice to the mix.  I think Ms. Lambert would approve.

You can subscribe to us at iTunes (Doctor Who: Verity Podcast), like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  And of course, subscribe to our Website to keep up with all the cool, extra bits.

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