Friday, April 18, 2014

I was doing some housekeeping at the Verity! blog when I decided to pop in here for a dust and tidy as well...which is when I realized I hadn't updated since last summer. Crikey, how did THAT happen?! All I can say is thank you internet gods for The Twitters because some days 140 characters is just a about all I have time for.

Lots of things are happening, both personally and professionally but, to be honest, the personal is sucking all the air out of the room at the moment. The Eldest Child is down to the wire in making his choice for University. Having so many options is a *good* problem but it still is taking up a lot of brain space and family time as we do one last whip round of school visits.

On another personal note I have finally succumbed to the lure of the Mac. I'm writing this post on a shiny, new MacBook Air which I have fallen madly in love with. It's been a short, passionate affair that goes something like this:

Day 1:  Shiny!!!
Day 2:  Shiny, shiny toy!
Day 3:  Oh dear god, what have I done?
Day 4:  Okay, this isn't so bad...
Day 5:  I..think I'm getting the hang of this.
Day 6:  Okay, I know I still have things to learn, but I'm really liking this...
Day 7:  Forgive me Saint Jobs! All these years...wasted. Never leave me, you darling machine.

I know there are still frustrating days ahead but consider me a full-fledged consumer of the Apple Kool-Aid.

In a more serious note, Emma Vieceli recently wrote an excellent post on the limits of film production when it comes to female-driven properties. This topic has been nudging its way to the front of the brain queue as we're poised on the brink of the "summer blockbuster" season. Last summer Linda Holmes, of the NPR blog Monkeysee and Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, wrote a fantastic article on finding women in the movies. (Hint: it wasn't easy.) I'll be looking at this more in the very near future. Will this summer see something different or will we be, as in 2013, looking at another "solid, impenetrable wall of movies about dudes"? Hmmmm....


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